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Default Cho hỏi vài môn học tương đương ngành xd

Cho mình hỏi mình cần học 3 môn này, ở Vn 3 môn này tương đương tên gì?

Civ-A3 Environmental Engineering: Population,
economic growth, industrialization, urbanization and energy-use, as causes of environmental pollution. The characteristics of particles, chemistry of solutions and gases, material balances, reaction kinetics, microbiology and ecology, as related to the environment. The application of environmental principles (technical and non-technical) to: water resource management, water and wastewater treatment, air pollution control, solid waste management,
environmental impact assessment, sustainable development and environmental

Civ-A5 Hydraulic Engineering: Dimensional
analysis and hydraulic models. Application of continuity, momentum and energy principles. Steady, closed conduit flow in single pipes and pipe networks. Steady, open-channel flow under uniform and gradually varied conditions, control sections, hydraulic jumps, and energy dissipaters. Hydraulic transients; surges and water hammer in closed conduits, surface waves in open channels. Concepts and principles of turbo machinery, especially centrifugal pumps; similarity relations and cavitation; operation of pump-and-pipe systems. Introductory concepts of hydraulic structures, including environmental aspects of hydraulic works and water quality management.

Civ-A6 Transportation Planning and Engineering: Socio- impacts on transportation, demand modelling. Characteristics of transportation systems; rail, road, air, water, and pipelines. Transportation systems. Characteristics of traffic flow, queuing theory, capacity analysis, space-time diagrams. Urban traffic management, traffic signals, pedestrians, accidents. Intelligent transportation systems.
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